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    What started as a dream, a vision of sort, has now become a reality.

    During my coming out process I had this inner voice, which continued to come to me, in my thoughts and dreams. This voice continued to tell me to trademark the name OUT!wear©. I had no idea as to what and why I should do this but this message continued to come to me.

    Maria Nasca, OwnerAs I furthered my "coming out" process I stated to feel pride in who I was and I started to understand what the purpose of OUT!wear© was becoming. I was proud of who I was becoming and wanted to reach out and embrace this new community that I was finally a part of. I began to read all that I could about the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered community and the many symbols that represent our community and what they all represent. The meaning of the rainbow colors, and how and why the triangles came to represent our community. This made me feel even more so anxious to display the pride that I felt, but yet ever so discreetly, so I could identify with other members of our community in a subtle but proud way. I started to create designs, using these symbols, with the thought of displaying the pride that I felt, but yet being as discreet and tasteful as possible.

    On 30 January 1996 OUT!wear© was officially registered with the Unites States Patent and Trademark office in Washington D.C.. A process I began myself on 01 August 1994. We are now celebrating our twelth year of pride!

    There has been much growth and success in these past eleven years. We are proud of our relationship with National PFLAG as they have just adapted our tagline "You Have a Home in PFLAG". We have helped many chapters raise many necessary funds also in the last ten years with our many fundraising promotions. Thank you PFLAG for your continued support and for being the parents we all wished we had!

    As we travel the country, in our celebration on pride, we have been soo lucky to meet many, many wonderful folk that we are lucky enough to now call "friends". I have also been so blessed to have such a fine group of personal friends that continue to join me and support me in this fine labor of love that I enjoy so much. (go van dykes)!

    Thanks to everyone who has supported us in the last twelve years! We are here because of you and your support. Time really does fly when your having fun. Here is to the next twelve years! We would love to hear from you too. Invite us to your next conference or pride event, we love to travel!

    Always Wearing With Pride,
    Maria (the legend) xo