Michigan Framily Reunion

MFR is located in Wayland, MI, on 80 acres of a pine tree farm, graciously gifted  to L2L to build MFR.  Wayland, MI is 20 minutes from Grand Rapids airport.

Michigan Framily Reunion (MFR) is a women’s music festival. MFR is created by females for females.   The producers assume that each female attending will act with kindness, compassion, and respect.  It is the hope of MFR crew & producers  that you will come to our festival and feel safe, uplifted, and supported.

Michigan Framily Reunion is a gathering of women to celebrate being a women.  We honor the wisdom of sisters gathering to teach and lighten each other’s loads.  We gather together separate from the patriarchal world to energize, educate, and empathize in a safe space.  As a Framily, we work together to build something beautiful and better.  When we all work together, we remember our mothers that worked together.  In this spirit, all women attending Michigan Framily Reunion are required to volunteer for three hours in one of the organizational areas: welcome center, parking, security, grounds, shuttle, store, pussy central, fire mistress, performer support, Girl Fridays, or stage hands.  Once arriving and checking into Welcome Center, you will be directed to sign up for your work shift.

We have supported MFR since its beginning in 2016